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Why would we create a business line that focuses solely on state tax credits? The answer is simple. We have witnessed thousands and thousands of dollars being spent by firms and numerous other activities where the business has no idea that there is a tax credit available and the money leaves the company in the form of a check to the state. Our research of the topic discovered the following reasons why these benefits are widely and frequently lost:

  • ​The firm and related parties and vendors are unaware of the benefits and their significance.
  • The documentation requirements to obtain the tax credits can be complex and cumbersome.
  • Finding the right expertise necessary to obtain full benefit of the credits can be difficult.

This available tax credits fall in to three major categories for most states:

  1. Job Training or Retraining
  2. Job Creation
  3. Optional Capital Investment

​Because these benefits vary by state and some states have tax credits available for other activities, it is important to discuss benefits on a state by state basis. Our research team will continually add benefits by state as we document those benefits for our website. The hyperlinks below will take you to each state and related benefits.






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South Carolina

State Tax Credits