Data Gathering

It is our goal to with your staff in the most efficient way possible to gather all the data necessary to qualify your tax credits.

Document and Certify Credits

Complete the documentation and obtain any approvals necessary. Deliver the completed package to the tax preparer for final benefit.  

Execute Services Agreement

This agreement will outline, in detail, what we will do and the success based nature of our service.  

Identify State Credits Available

Interview the client and determine which state tax credits are applicable to their business activities.

State Income Tax Credits, the money most companies leave on the table

The short answer is that any activities that the state deems beneficial to its business environment can qualify. If it can be written in to law, it can be considered a tax credit.

However, the most common found tax credit activities relate to the following:

  • Training or retraining employees,
  • Adding desired jobs, and/or
  • ​Investing in capital equipment.

​Behind each tax credit there are rules and steps to take for companies to benefit and keep their money. 


Need assistance with determining what state tax credits may benefit your firm? Our firm specializes in state tax credits, which ones apply and how to qualify for them. Determining which credits apply and certifying eligibility can be a complex and tedious process. We do this for clients constantly and we can simplify the process.

But what about our regular CPA firm or tax preparer? We have no desire to solicit your tax preparation or write-up business. We will work in concert with your current CPA/tax preparer as an added value provider saving you money. What we hear from CPA firms constantly is that the Federal Return has become complex and takes most of their effort. We understand this and are here to complement their efforts.

What will this cost? It will cost nothing for us to evaluate which credits your firm is eligible to receive. When you benefit, we get paid. You will get a fantastic return on your investment.


Almost every state that requires businesses to pay income tax have tax credits available to encourage certain business activities within its borders. 

Thousands of businesses fail to take advantage of these available tax credits. Our mission is to review clients' activities and determine which activities, both historically and prospectively will allow them to keep their money and not send it to the state annually.




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Continue Advising Client

Assist and advise client in structuring business activities in future periods to maximize tax credit benefits. We will become your tax credit partner.